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Who We Help ?

Partners in Excellence

       Our clients are emerging growth businesses who see an opportunity to use technology for a strategic advantage.  These businesses have a bright future ahead of them.  However, they know that they are not maximizing all of their opportunities to increase growth.  These forward-thinking businesses realize that technology can help them solve problems, increase productivity or even give them a competitive advantage in the marketplace.  The question is how to get there?  The gap between the realization that there is a better way and the execution of a solution is a chasm.  The challenge is how to minimize the time required to identify and deploy a solution – and to not lose money in the process.  We work with you see to it that your objectives are met with the right technology tools.  You take care of the business; we’ll take care of the tools and the result is an excellent partnership.

Case 1

    A small media company has carved out a profitable niche targeting an underserved market segment with its products and services.  Now, larger competitors have discovered this niche and are coming aggressively into their market.  In order to continue growing the business, the client needs to develop an edge over her competitors.  This edge could come from bringing new products to market faster, providing better services, reducing costs, improving profit margins and charging a lower price.  The business owner realizes that technology can play a key role in helping to achieve any of these objectives.  She even has some general ideas of what she would like to do, but she does not have the expertise or experience to figure out how to proceed.  She knows that she will have to make some sort of investment for improvements, but knows that she cannot afford to hire a high-powered. CIO and all the techie geeks that she probably needs. 

Case 2

    An emerging finance business is not having any trouble growing; it is having problems managing its growth.  As new customers and new employees are being added, it is becoming difficult to execute tasks smoothly.  Processes that everyone once knew how to execute, (such as order booking or where to go to resolve customer problems) are being improperly executed because they were not previously appropriately documented, and new employees have no guidance to  fix the problem in the most efficient way.  As the business looks to expand, they realize that they have no infrastructure in place to support growth.  They need a process and technology solution fast, but they do not know how to begin and where to get the results they immedietly need.

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